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  • Pregnancy & Prenatal and Physical Therapy

    The female body goes through many physical and hormonal changes as your body adjusts to meeting the demands of pregnancy and a growing baby. Each pregnancy is unique and puts different strains on the body. Hormonal changes can create laxity and softening of the joints in preparation for childbirth which can lead to some joints being unstable and causing other muscles to overwork. It is important to take preventative care to help reduce complications and have proper prenatal along with postnatal care for mother and baby’s health.

    Postpartum, Postnatal and Physical Therapy

    During postpartum, your body is adjusting to a new center of gravity, hormones begin to regulate and demands of caring for a baby begin. Whether your childbirth occurred vaginally or by a C-section, both create different changes to the body. An example, women who have vaginal births may experience incontinence due to weakened pelvic floor muscles needed for bladder control. The same can happen in C-section births as well. Physical therapy can help with this and many other changes in the pregnancy and postpartum body. This can be done by looking at each change that occurred during the prenatal and postnatal period that created discomfort or pain and treat them with specialized services.

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